A free, 15-minute full skin analysis to assess your condition and begin planning your course of remedy. You are advised to bring all skin and hair care products, makeup, vitamins, and medications you currently use.

Collagen Mask


For mature skin, an intense moisturizing treatment designed to minimize fine lines and the signs of aging. May also be added to DPC Facial or Dermaplaning treatment.



Highly effective, medically based treatment; removes dead skin cells, and encourages regeneration of healthy skin. Improves skin texture, tone and brightness also removes fine facial hair. Dermaplaning can be added to other facial treatments.

Deep Pore Cleansing & Blade


For clients challenged with acne and over-active oil glands, this treatment draws out impurities, reduces oil without drying, and provides balanced hydration.

Eyebrow Tint


This​ treatment will intensify the color of your eyebrows. A great alternative to brow pencils.

Eyelash Tint


This treatment will intensify the color of your lashes. A great alternative to mascaras.

Microdermabrasion (Face & Neck)


This special exfoliation treatment polishes the skin and accelerates the cell renewal process. The combination of skin exfoliation and light suction improves skin texture, reduces pore size, smoothes fine lines, controls acne, lightens pigmentation, and reduces sun damage. The best results are achieved through a series of treatments, followed with a recommended maintenance program.

Rosacea Treatment


Healing, hydrating, desensitizing, vaso constricting and cooling. This treatment reduces blotchiness and irritability. Recommended for all skin types with microcirculation problems including hypersensitive skin.

Unique Skin Care Glycolic Peel


This treatment is designed to redefine your skin texture. Glycolic Acid helps to smooth the texture and targets pigmentation concerns. We offer two strengths of Glycolic Acid, 70% and 90% to exfoliate the surface skin. Due to the active ingredients, redness and peeling may occur two to five days after treatment.